Automobile- and bicycle-tour to Denmark the 5 to 8 of august 2002

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The Bicycleenthusiasts
Sten Skoglund and Göran Abrahamsson

"We are 2 gentlemen, 67 and 69 year old, as want to order 1 room for 2 persons, preferably with shower-bath. We calculate to arrive approx at 17.00 the 5 august and leave the 8 august."

So was the setence of our order to Vordingborg Youth hostel. ( Attention, Sten was 69 the 27 of august )
Our goal was exploring the islands of Møn and west Falster by bicycle.

Monday the 5 of august

Up with the rooster! My car with the bicycle backside was fixed up yesterday evening to be able to come away early in the morning in order to arrive Vordingborg on Själlands south coast in Denmark latest 17.00.

At 7.30 o clock I came away in sunny and nice weather. The journey was quick and I arrived at Sten in Borås at 10.10. As usual, Helga invited me to breakfast, meaning coffee and good tasting sandwiches.

Before departure we must however buy a bicyclehelmet for Sten, which transfered us to a sports shop for such kind of things. The shop unfortunately merely have childrenhelmets and of course it didn't fitt, why we sought up a statoilstation. There existed a fitting streamlined gentlemanhelmet and we could left at 11.15.

We rested at a place, as I think is called Snapparp. The view was beautiful but the toilets was disgusting and there were lots of annoying wasps. Wasps of course you can't be riable to but, talk about toilets, comparing Germany, where man, it is true, put a coin to that person who maintains the toilet. In return you have a clean/pure toilet. Pull yourself together the National road administration!

In order to Sten would manage to be in time för exchange to danish money, we hurried however away, without missing this place very much. Well arrived at Helsingborg we drove directly to "Forex" on Järnvägsgatan 13, at the harbour. Changing money didn't take a long time and as the very last car we drove on board on the ferry to Helsingör. The ferring across Öresund was short but we could despite the short time, enjoy the beautiful view back against Helsingborg and "The core".

The road between Helsingborg and Copenhagen was filled of vehicles in all files. They held a very high tempo. Okay, well when we had passed Copenhagen alleviated the traffic and we could continue enjoying the sunny journey.

The watch was approx 16.45 when we slipped in toVordingborg. Unfortunately we came in from an other direction than when Barbro and I was here latest. For that reason I couldn't recognize the way or the environment. Luckely for us, a lorry-driver of the municipality offered himself to show the way to the youth hostel. The big lorry drove straight through the downtown of the city. A short while later the lorry stop and the guy showed on the youth hostel. A hurrah for the municipal employees in Vordingborg.

Vordingborgs youth hostel belongs Videnscentret, that is a Environment center with a very fine exhibition CHECK IMAGE! The Youth hostel was inaugurated three year ago and the centre is still during construction work, so the Videnscentre gotta have been inaugurated the year after. For conferences and congresses, which take place here, this youth hostel (for everybody) exists altogether convenient. The hostel have several one-storeyed houses with own kitchen and room for being together plus dining-room.

Well, at the arrival we were welcomed by a charming hostess. Her name was Renate. We got keycard for our room, which showed itself to be inhabited. Yes, occasionally a computer can be nasty enough.. Back to the reception and get recent keycard and we could take our room for inspection.The room was good.

Tuesday the 6 of august

First in the morning, of course after washing ourself, we rushed through the rain in to the canteen of the centre. The breakfast was delicious and it was warmly outdoors. The bicycles, which had been locked with a chain on the car during the night, might be dryed and as I thought, the trip-counter didn't work because of rain.

We drove to the island Møn, passed the place "Stege" and stopped at first in Borre, where we parked at a provisionsshop. We hurried out of the car. Now we really would bicycle! I would take out the bicycle-key i order to make loose the chain. Alas, where is the bicycle-key? Yeah, on the table in the youth hostel of course! What to do? Back to the youth hostel or proceed to Møns hill, which was the goal for todays halting-place? We chosed to continue in order not to drop off. Good choice, because some minutes later it began raining. The way was very curving and hilly with gravel-pavement, so it felt right to sit in the car.

When we swung in at Møns Hill, we was stopped by a long queue of vehicles. They were on their way to the parking-place and that boded not good. However, From my experience in Tyrol earlier i the summer with busdriver there, I knew a certain bus-style for this occurrence you se. I keep leftwards the vehicles and consequently I pasted all. However I didn't check how the driver reacted. In front of the parking-bar we could read that the parking-fee was 25 kr. I admit, we were a little bit of stingy, so I turn to to the right between the cars and vehicles and continued about 400 metres and there in a grove existed location for both automobiles and relieve o.s., we parked. An easy walking, using umbrella, transfered us back to "Klinten".

We walked up to "Dronningstolen", a location 200 m steep upwards, as probably would be a good outlook but, because the vegetation nowadays obscured the view, it was no argument for the name. Sten seemed disappointed, and so I, and we walked down to the initial position again. At this plateau there are a great deal of brisk trade. Now we commenced our march down to the the Klint's hill-side and beach. It's about 450 step down and views on the way down became more and more beautiful. During the way down we past some known persons, who was together with a disabled grandmother. She looked tired. How to manage going back, we wondered?

Well down we could relish the Klint's powerfulness, it is almost 100 metres over the sea. Actually the beach has a great deal of resemblance to the pictures from the South Sea Islands. CHECK IMAGE! You have why seen "Robinsson" on TV. I have been here formerly and then with sunshine and more truer metaphor.

Coffe and sandwiches came out , which we enjoy sitting on an old stock. CHECK IMAGE! Immediately three girls sat themselves beside us. Modestly we realized that this only happened depend on lack of seats and also that the seats were comfortable and it was clearly harmless environment. After that we shoot pictures both upwards and downwards of the "Klint" for the sake of documentation. CHECK IMAGE!

Getting up became somewhat more laborious but with our condition it was of course not strenuous. That was it probably for those persons who we passed earlier on our way downhill. They had now almost come down to the beach after half an hours walk. How would they come up again? We did'nt await of course the resolution. Instead of this we continued our journey around south Møn. We stayed for a while for purchase of food among other ready-to-eat turkey-steak, lettuce, bread, butter and beer to our dinner and breakfast. We drove further to the most inviting beach on Møn. It exists in Ulvshale eastward, The weather didn't invite however to bath. From "Ulvshale" and "Nyord" we could see the grand "Dronnings Alexandriners Bridge" at Kalvehave. CHECK IMAGE!

We drove back via the small town "Stege", where we stayed a good moment in a nice and nifty city. The sun had return and sausage with dryroast onion was delicious and both people and sculptures showed themself from the friendly part. CHECK IMAGE! Therefore we was in high spirit when we drove back to the youth hostel.

After have made the food in a very good kitchen and also enjoyed it, we wandered to downtown and checked in photo-object for tomorrow. It was getting late for photography this day.

Wednesday the 7 of august

This morning was a little chilly and the sun shine nice through the cloudveils. The air was gorgeous and promised a nice bicycle-weather. After a nice breakfast we double-checked sot we wouldn't forget the bicycle-keys. The route led over the old bridge, which was the nearest connection between Själland and Falster in our case. The other (new) bridge, that cross over Farø, is called FarøBroen and lies approx 8 km to the west of the old bridge.

Also, we drove southwards, until we had passed Nykøbing. At a buildproducts-store we exploited the parking and proceeded our travelling by bicycle towards "Ulslev". Near southwards from here we took the beach to ourself and had a bath an played in the water. The sun had now warmed up the air, so the water was entirely enjoyable. By and by came however a little more tight cloudweils and we proceeded our travelling southwards on bicycle-road number 45. It's fantastic how positive they are to cycling in Denmark. The sky became clearing and we cycle carefully forward through a proportionately smooth and beautifully landscape.

By and by we advanced and got through to Marielyst, maybe a more glorious society for owner of summer -bungalows. Nevertheless existed a simpler restaurant, where we could enjoy a kind of delicious hamburger and a strong beer. The waitress, who was serving us, was a pretty girl from Turkey, as has lived in Germany for a long time and could speak german very good. It became a cultivated conversation between her and us in german, which we unfortunately might break for coming away before the day ended.

The return to the buildproducts-store was as nice as Sten blurted out that this was among the nicest he had experienced. Nykøbing wasn't anyone bigwig, so we continued northward and even passed Vordingborg and landed in Næstved, about ten kilometres north Vordingborg. This town had a great deal of old houses, not least the water tower in the middle of town, did impose to us. CHECK IMAGE! Mobile phone was popularly among young girls CHECK THE GIRL! The church had many visitor at this time of the day, which depended on a wedding taking place.CHECK THE CHURCH A daddy kept busy with hauling down the danish flags along the streets. He had a wheel-barrow, in which he laid flags and in the same wheel-barrow sat even his daughter in the middle of a Dannebroge-pile. CHECK IMAGE! Besides the town seemed to be very quiet, so any bigwig I don't believe this town will become either.

Time for return to Vordingborg. After a little grub we walked to downtown. We studied first the railway station, wich had a beautiful belfry. CHECK IMAGE! and in the fountain at the bridge, side by side to the staiton, there was a shy hooked beautiful naiad. CHECK IMAGE! We found several sculptures, among others things as conceivable objects for photo, at the entrance and exit of parade-street through the town. CHECK IMAGE! We studied the fortress, where Valdemar Atterdags tower was located. The fortress was under reconstruction of selected parts of original building and I thought it will be a very nice place for vacation in the near future. There was also a spice-garden, which bordered on a meadow with deers. Well, It look almost like a wonderland, don't you agree?

Thursday the 8 of august

After breakfast it was time to say goodbye to the youth hostel and the hostess who of course wished us welcome back. CHECK IMAGE! We set the direction towards Copenhagen. At northern Køge, a 5 kilometres long beach south of Copenhagen, we turn in to a parking, we unload the bicycles and set in the direction of the beach. We hold on a minute at a proper building in order to alleviated the press. Outside that building we came in conversation with an older gentleman with limping dog. He had been working in Sweden and he was glad to meet us. He express his astonishment over that the swedish currency had become as weak having in mind that Sweden had ones so many big and fine industries. We did'nt know how to managed that, so we continued quick to the beach.

The air was warm but it blew a hard wind. We rushed out on the bath-bridge and would just throw us in the water when we suddenly saw a lot of seaweed underneath. No nice diving in that, so we decided to start from the beach and, luckely, there was a existing wide strip of beach without seaweed. The waves was delightful high and soon was the seaweed rounded and we could from sea-side take us upon the bath-bridge. We remained at the beach for a long time, maybe to long.

Sten had talk about how beautiful the Beachway between Copenhagen and Helsingör is, so I insisted on taking that way to Helsingör. According to the map it existed a way through Copenhagen towards the Beachway. Freshly dared and half been won, we thought, and turn to the supposed right road. Now, you see, we happened to stay as long on the beachs, so the watch already was 16.00. We might think of that earlier. - but we didn't at all - that all Danish would go home just at this time. I manage all intersections but one, A bus happened to cover the file straight on, just when we landed up leftwards. Here should a bell have been tinkling, when we saw a slip road to Lyngby. However after one kilometre, there was another slip road, so now it was full speed towards road nr 47/55.

The Beach-way had actually a beach entire all the way and there were people everywhere along the beach, however without hustling. Upside the Beach-way there were plenty of charming bungalows, that must have cost millions. It was a very beautiful route, as I warmly recommend to everybody to see.

Our luck followed us even in Helsingör when we drove onboard the ferry as nearly the last one. The time was some minutes past 18, when we drove from the ferry. Just at Ängelholm we made a short visit on McDonald's. Soon we continued towards Borås. Sten suggested a special way more inlands, in order to show how he usually drive, when he travelled by official car to Halmstad. The view beside the road was beautiful but curving and also a late way. About ten we arrived in Borås and at 01.00 I arrived in Norrköping after a very nice automobile- and bicycling tour.


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